Frog Prevention Month

I phoned a company this morning and was put on hold as wait times were longer than anticipated. Anticipated by whom? I wondered. Twelve minutes later I had answered the first question (longer than anticipated by me that’s whom) and raised another.

I was using my time on hold to clear clutter on my desk and thinking about that old commercial where an ecstatic dancing lady is twirling about her kitchen eating crackers and cream cheese while on hold. She is having so much fun eating the product that when the company she has called finally answers, she asks if she can have another couple minutes. I wondered if we had any crackers and cream cheese.

And then the ongoing on-hold monologue that I had pushed to the background said something that caught my attention.

“Did you know that March is Frog Prevention Month?”

Frog prevention month!

I did not know this. I did not know it at all. Moreover I had questions. Lots of them. Why would this company want to eradicate frogs? What were frogs doing that was so horrible it required an entire month set aside to launch an awareness campaign? Had frogs gone rogue? Were they spreading disease? Infesting houses? Poisoning children?

I was so outraged and caught up in my thoughts that I missed the spiel that followed. The recording looped itself around and once again I was asked if I knew March was Frog Prevention Month. Once again, I did not. The voice went on to inform me that we needed to prevent frogs because it was important to keep safe online and prevent identity theft. Ask us how!


Then I realized he was saying fraud, not frogs.

And my day has just got started.

*Not really sure what this post has to do with kindness, except helping to prevent fraud is a beautiful thing for humans to do for each other (best not to unpack this too much and point out how it would be unnecessary if all humans behaved beautifully). Not trying to eradicate harmless frogs is another beautiful thing, even if it was never actually a thing in the first place. And once I got through to the object of my call, it was all handled very efficiently by a kind human being on the other end and that was pretty beautiful for me.

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