humans behaving beautifully, kindness, Mental Health, Walking

Peace Rocks

We were walking through an adjacent neighbourhood yesterday when we came across some Peace Rocks in support of Ukraine sprinkled here and there over a few city blocks.

This one was tucked against a tree.

The one below was cleverly inserted in a hole in the sidewalk. Something about this choice of placement spoke of a person who sees opportunity for something positive in what others would dismiss as negative. It made me tear up and also feel a little twinge of hope for humanity.

By filling the sidewalk hole with a Peace Rock in support of Ukraine, the gesture also helps fill a growing hole in the hearts of people walking by.

These small acts of kindness are the glue that hold society together. They offer a glimpse of a future where people no longer drop insults and bombs, but learn ways – big and small – to uplift our communities.

It may seem inconsequential in the face of the horrors people are facing right now, but for this pair of old, tired, hearts, out taking our worries for a walk, it meant a lot.

Thank you for your kindness.

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