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Little Free Libraries

Nothing sends me scurrying across the street faster than spotting A Little Free Library. I’m like a squirrel on steroids chasing down a nut.

We had a couple in my old town which I frequented often – both to make deposits and withdrawals – but living in a such a big city means I am constantly discovering new libraries. It never grows old.

What a kindness it is to offer space in your front yard for these little peaked roofed treasure troves. Keeping it tidy and maintained is no small feat and yet these incredible humans continue to do so year after year.

I love how each Little Free Library is the same in spirit but so unique in design.

This beautiful library offers a “second story”. The lower level is filled with children books at an appropriate height.
This one offers a bench both for reading and for children to stand on while perusing the shelf!
Here’s a closer glimpse of the bench with its beautiful inscription “A Book is a Dream You Hold in Your Hand”. Isn’t that the truth!
One of the bigger Little Free Libraries I’ve come across is in Fish Creek Provincial Park. It also features a Poem of the Month!

Many people have also put up libraries filled with food and other non perishable grocery items.

In a world gone mad, gestures like these continue to renew my faith in humanity daily.

Thank you to everyone involved in making these libraries happen!

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