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More Little Free Libraries

Came across another Little Free Library yesterday. The trunk beneath opens up to reveal a treasure trove of children’s books! I love this so much. I can only imagine the joy of children passing by, lifting that lid and finding all those books inside just for them. What a genius design.

Our snow is pretty much gone and we are in that messy transition period between leaving winter behind and waiting for the earth to erupt in green.

I’ve heard some robins, but have yet to actually see one. This despite gawking for an unreasonable amount of time at a massive spruce tree in a person’s yard, waiting for the songster to stop singing and emerge. I moved on after fearing I was making the homeowners nervous. For me, spring begins with that first robin sighting. That and the first dandelion!

This is an added benefit of daily flaneuring. You get to see (and hear) all the seasonal things unfurl in their slow, steady, natural transition. Just one more reason to lace up those shoes and get outside!

Today is always the perfect day for a walk.

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