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A Most Exquisite Tree

Whenever my father was presented with a gift and he wasn’t quite sure of its purpose, he would jokingly exclaim, “Most exquisite! What in the dickens is it?”

This catchphrase comes to mind every time I come across a small dead tree heavily decorated with socks and ornaments. I am not sure what it symbolizes and how it came to be, but it both baffles and delights me.

While you can’t tell here, because we are still in the very early days of spring, the tree itself is quite dead. Maybe that’s why someone decided to liven it up a bit.

It is heavily decorated with socks. Perhaps the neighbourhood considers it their go-to resting spot for those lonely single socks that have lost their mates. A way of turning a negative into a positive.

Or maybe there is a memorial message of some sort. There are a lot of uplifting signage sprinkled amongst the socks. Words of hope, love and joy. So perhaps it is only meant as a spirit lifter.

One bauble reads “Peace” and heaven knows, we can all use some more of that in the world.

Even if I am unsure what the dickens is it, the tree is definitely most exquisite!

I don’t know if the tree is the brain child of one person, or grew collectively through efforts from the whole neighbourhood, but whoever is behind it, I thank you.

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