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April Kindness

For the last three April fool days no one in our family has even attempted a joke. So much of what we used to tell each other centred around disasters – small and large.

For years I was catapulted out of bed by my husband yelling that something was on fire, flooded or in immediate peril. I would stumble into the fray, hair on end, only to hear those sweet two words, “April Fools!”

If we could rewind to a place where all the craziness and heartbreak of covid, politics, theories and now war, was simply a joke (albeit a very bad one) how great would that be?

In the meantime, we are gentler, kinder, to each other. Which makes us avoid adding anymore stress, especially unnecessary stress, to the situation.

I admit I look back on all the false alarms of April Fools past with a bit of nostalgia, but I am also believing in a better future, even if all the news points to me being a fool for thinking so.

In the meantime there is the present – which is all we ever have. And the present is a time to be kind. I suppose it always has been.

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In a world where you can be anything, be kind.

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