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Public Bird Feeders

Last spring Calgary was named as an official Bird Friendly City, complete with certification from Nature Canada.

There is no doubt that Calgarians love their birds. And birds love Calgary.

Last winter I came across some baskets of seed in Sandy Beach Park, that were wired to tree branches and continuously replenished by an anonymous donor.

The same person (I’m guessing) took it upon themselves to seasonally decorate the area around the basket feeders.

It made coming upon this passageway along the Elbow River a pleasure, both for the birds and the humans.

In another corner of the city, high above the Bow River, another person keeps a rustic feeder full of seeds. It lifts my heart every time I stroll by and see the small songbirds flocking around it.

This feeder is located in a public green space on a ledge above the Bow River.

I have also spotted feeders on hanging posts by park benches and along pathways all over the city. There is something so beautiful and selfless in humans providing seed and feeders in a public space, rather than for their sole enjoyment in their own backyard.

In a park near our home, adults and children alike spend hours holding sunflower seeds aloft in their palm until chickadees land on their hand, and accept their offerings. Those of us walking by, pause to take in the show. I am always impressed by the children’s patience and calm. They barely breathe as the bird finally touches down on their tiny palm, picks up a seed and swoops away. Everyone smiles quietly to each other. Nature restores.

Thank you to all the public bird feeders for your steady kindness. And to the birds as well of course!

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