Nature, Walking

Spring Snow!

Yesterday the grass was greening up, crocuses were blooming and leaf buds were swelling. Then this morning we awoke to this…

I had planned on a long walk across the park to meet up with my husband and catch a ride back to our house in the early afternoon. You can’t blame me for hesitating, but in the end I laced up my hiking boots, donned my winter coat, mitts and toque and braved the elements.

I am so glad I did!

When the weather is less than ideal, it feels like I have all of the provincial park near our home to myself. It is a decadent feeling. Only a few others were out and about. The spring birds were defying the weather with a cacophony of song. It was so peaceful.

It doesn’t look appealing, but it really was. The air was fresh, you could see and hear the snow pattering down from tree branches and the aforementioned birds provided a defiant chorus as I made my way along.

Just before the gateway to the park, I came across a young couple on their front lawn finishing the most exquisite snowman. It made my heart lift to see them taking the time to make a snowman, even though they had no children. They designed it with two faces on either side and used last year’s dead grass stalks to create a wild hairdo. I wish I had taken a picture. I told them how much I loved their creation and we all stood in the snowstorm, looking at the snow person on their lawn and grinning from ear to ear.

Deep in the park, I came across a second snowman. This one had no adornments but had been impulsively put together smack dab in the middle of the walking bridge over a creek. It made me smile as well. Humans can be pretty wonderful.

In a world that seems to become increasingly heavy with every passing week, this was such a welcome bit of lightness. I sent out gratitude to whoever took the time to make this creation and share it with the rest of us.

I was going to go back to take a picture of the young couple’s snowman/woman/person when I got back home, but a mere ten hours later our neighbourhood looks like this. The snow person will be long gone.

If we had slept all day we would never have known what we missed!

It’s been a pretty dry winter here, so we can really use the moisture. Plus snow packs such an extra wallop of nitrogen, we used to call it “poor man’s fertilizer” when we lived on the farm. It soaks in slow, instead of running off like rain might, so all in all it was a good thing. A bit of a shock to wake up to, but a beautiful thing in the end. A kindness from Nature for Nature.

My front garden is new last year, so there is a lot of scope for the imagination. Which explains all the bare soil you see! New perennials planted last fall are starting to poke up, a few bulbs are blooming and the big patch of mounded soil is going to be our future potato patch. I positioned it so it won’t be so noticeable from the street. I don’t know why I think passersby would be more pleased to see flowers than vegetables, but for some reason I do.

With that in mind, I planted the areas against the driveway and along the sidewalk with perennials and will poke a few annuals I’ve started from seed in later. The potatoes will just be a bit of green in the back ground – hardly noticeable at all. Or that’s the plan. But enough chatter about that.

So that was my day. How was yours?

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