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Grateful for My Garden

Today I am feeling grateful for my garden; and pea seed to be specific. For over 50 years I have marched the wrinkled orbs down a double row on either side of a trellis, the same as I did this morning. When I was small my mother would get me to walk down the line… Continue reading Grateful for My Garden

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Peace Rocks

We were walking through an adjacent neighbourhood yesterday when we came across some Peace Rocks in support of Ukraine sprinkled here and there over a few city blocks. This one was tucked against a tree. The one below was cleverly inserted in a hole in the sidewalk. Something about this choice of placement spoke of… Continue reading Peace Rocks

humans behaving beautifully, kindness, Mental Health

Turning the Tables for Peace

I've been thinking about Peace Tables. While some are so neck deep in hatred and biases it is going to take awhile to get them out, most of us are just splashing about up to our knees. Most of us are tired of all the anger and name calling. Most of us just want to… Continue reading Turning the Tables for Peace

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Zen and the Art of Saving the Planet

I'm about halfway through listening to the audiobook of "Zen and the Art of Saving the Planet" based on the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh. The words are like a lifeline tossed to a broken world. For anyone who is feeling half insane with grief, despair and helplessness over the war, covid and climate change,… Continue reading Zen and the Art of Saving the Planet

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Growing Kindness (and tomatoes!) in Community

Sometimes just the right quote, story, poem or anecdote comes along that perfectly speaks to your season of life. I recently stumbled across a poem by Sam Walter Foss titled The House by the Side of the Road that spoke to mine.  The House by the Side of the Road THERE are hermit souls that live withdrawn in the… Continue reading Growing Kindness (and tomatoes!) in Community

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It’s The Little Things

The restorative part of my walks are almost always found in the little things. We can think our lives lack meaning, but the smallest of exchanges can make the biggest difference. Just the exchange of friendly smiles and hellos as I pass strangers on the pathways lift my spirits. Such a small thing, but to… Continue reading It’s The Little Things

humans behaving beautifully, kindness, Mental Health, Spirituality, Walking

Prayers on the Run

Like so many these days, I have been struggling. People near and dear to me are struggling as well. When it's your own struggles it's hard. When it's someone you love who is struggling, well that's a whole other level of worry and helplessness. And when I feel helpless or worried, I walk. If I… Continue reading Prayers on the Run