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Separating Neighbours for Years!

Came across a beautiful new fence with this advertising sign nailed on the sidewalk side (obviously!). The quote at the bottom made me laugh. I don't know the contractor or the fence owner, so this isn't a recommendation (though the fence looked great) but I so appreciate the contractor's sense of humour. Anything you can… Continue reading Separating Neighbours for Years!

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Public Bird Feeders

Last spring Calgary was named as an official Bird Friendly City, complete with certification from Nature Canada. There is no doubt that Calgarians love their birds. And birds love Calgary. Last winter I came across some baskets of seed in Sandy Beach Park, that were wired to tree branches and continuously replenished by an anonymous… Continue reading Public Bird Feeders

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More Little Free Libraries

Came across another Little Free Library yesterday. The trunk beneath opens up to reveal a treasure trove of children's books! I love this so much. I can only imagine the joy of children passing by, lifting that lid and finding all those books inside just for them. What a genius design. Our snow is pretty… Continue reading More Little Free Libraries

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Little Free Libraries

Nothing sends me scurrying across the street faster than spotting A Little Free Library. I'm like a squirrel on steroids chasing down a nut. We had a couple in my old town which I frequented often - both to make deposits and withdrawals - but living in a such a big city means I am… Continue reading Little Free Libraries

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Sowing Seeds of Kindness

We recently moved to a place where Canada geese reside year around. This is amazing to me. Where I used to live the geese bookmarked the summer season, arriving in the spring and departing in the fall. Their arrival and departures were fodder for coffee talk. "I heard a flock geese arrive last night!" we… Continue reading Sowing Seeds of Kindness

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Prayers on the Run

Like so many these days, I have been struggling. People near and dear to me are struggling as well. When it's your own struggles it's hard. When it's someone you love who is struggling, well that's a whole other level of worry and helplessness. And when I feel helpless or worried, I walk. If I… Continue reading Prayers on the Run