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“Exposed to the Public” Gardens

It is my humble opinion that people who have "exposed to the public" gardens are usually very kind people. They enjoy sharing their beauty and efforts with passersby. I came across this little crocus growing near a sidewalk in a front yard garden yesterday and it brightened my day. We are new to the city,… Continue reading “Exposed to the Public” Gardens

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Separating Neighbours for Years!

Came across a beautiful new fence with this advertising sign nailed on the sidewalk side (obviously!). The quote at the bottom made me laugh. I don't know the contractor or the fence owner, so this isn't a recommendation (though the fence looked great) but I so appreciate the contractor's sense of humour. Anything you can… Continue reading Separating Neighbours for Years!

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Public Bird Feeders

Last spring Calgary was named as an official Bird Friendly City, complete with certification from Nature Canada. There is no doubt that Calgarians love their birds. And birds love Calgary. Last winter I came across some baskets of seed in Sandy Beach Park, that were wired to tree branches and continuously replenished by an anonymous… Continue reading Public Bird Feeders

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A Most Exquisite Tree

Whenever my father was presented with a gift and he wasn't quite sure of its purpose, he would jokingly exclaim, "Most exquisite! What in the dickens is it?" This catchphrase comes to mind every time I come across a small dead tree heavily decorated with socks and ornaments. I am not sure what it symbolizes… Continue reading A Most Exquisite Tree

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Turning the Tables for Peace

I've been thinking about Peace Tables. While some are so neck deep in hatred and biases it is going to take awhile to get them out, most of us are just splashing about up to our knees. Most of us are tired of all the anger and name calling. Most of us just want to… Continue reading Turning the Tables for Peace


Good Neighbours

It is much easier to be critical than to be correct.Benjamin Disraeli I came across the above quote and it resonated. Curious, I researched the author and almost discarded it upon discovering that Disraeli was a controversial conservative. This is the way of things today. We are so quick to judge and even quicker to… Continue reading Good Neighbours

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Prayers on the Run

Like so many these days, I have been struggling. People near and dear to me are struggling as well. When it's your own struggles it's hard. When it's someone you love who is struggling, well that's a whole other level of worry and helplessness. And when I feel helpless or worried, I walk. If I… Continue reading Prayers on the Run

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Sweet & Salty; An exchange at the grocery store

It seems like love is at the root of all happiness. But it has to be real love. Mother Theresa love, not love of fame, wealth and power or that sort of thing. The kind of love that takes down your guard and exposes your heart also gives the greatest returns. It's like an emotional… Continue reading Sweet & Salty; An exchange at the grocery store